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Founded in 1965, world-renowned NONOSINA POLYNESIA is located in ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA. Nonosina is known for its community and cultural performances locally and abroad. Nonosina's exceptional and authentic Polynesian dance, music, and professional stage performance training has positively impacted thousands of lives in the past 58 years.

We value and teach dedication, a strong work ethic, humility and mutual respect. The skills learned at Nonosina are transferable across all arenas of life, including academia and professional pursuits.

Our dance family is not limited to those of Polynesian descent. We share our love for our culture with all who show the same desire, appreciation, and respect. Our dancers and their families have found a community and home here.

From newbies to experienced professional dancers with impressive careers to award-winning musicians to some of the most sought-after choreographers in the industry, our Nonosina Polynesia family is made up of the best the cultural arts world has to offer. 

Photo of a Polynesian queen dancing on stage with flowers and a red dress

Estella Nonosina

We honor & pay tribute to our beloved founder,

Estella Reid, for creating the safe space that is a second home to thousands of artists of all ages and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.  


Affectionately known as "Gram," Estella "Nonosina" Reid, was born in the village of Faleniu, American Sāmoa, and moved to Lāʻie, Hawaiʻi, during her adolescent years. Gram eventually planted new roots in Southern California.  She married and started a family of her own In Orange County, and had three daughters, Reri, Rani, and Riki.


In 1965, she began sharing her knowledge with other families, teaching them about life skills through Polynesian culture and dance.


Through Gram, Nonosina Polynesia became a home for the Polynesian arts to thrive in many lives, regardless of their ethnicity. Nonosina continues to be a teaching hub of the Polynesian arts, including ʻOri Tahiti, Siva Sāmoa, and Hula. We strive to perpetuate and celebrate the Polynesian culture with all people. 

"E lele le gogosina,

ae maʻau lava i le vai "

No matter where the Nonosina may travel,

it will always return home

Estella "GRAM" Reid

March 1934 - August 2020

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