Rest in Love 

In 1965 Nonosina was founded by Estella Reid affectionately known as "Gram" coined by her eldest granddaughter Tiani Mariteragi. Gram was born in Samoa (Faleniu) and as a young teen she moved to Oʻahu (Lāʻie). Eventually her journey led her to Los Angeles/Orange County, CA. California is where she planted her new roots and Nonosina was born! The one constant in her life through thick & thin was: DANCE. 


With Nonosina’s roots steadfast and their trunk standing firm, their branches continue to grow. Nonosina was passed to Estella’s youngest daughter, Riki Liufau, affectionately known to many as Aunty Riki. Aunty Riki took the Polynesian dance competition circuit by storm. Aunty Riki has trained the most award winning solo dancers & addition to holding the record for the most group awards!  Riki led the group to new horizons and continues to train dacners at Nonosina! 

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Our current creative director is Tiana Nonosina Liufau. Tiana is an accomplished drummer, musician, and choreographer and a graduate from UCLA (World Arts & Culture department). Tiana has led Nonosina in cultural practice, protocol, competition and performance. Tiana is featured on the hit show "So You Think You Can Dance" as the Tahitian choreographer and was also the choreographer/motion curator for Disney's "Moana",, and created content choreography for "Disney on Ice" & Wiiʻs "Just Dance" video game!  Although those opportunities are amazing Tiana credits her participation in the Heiva I Tahiti and leading Nonosina as the exhibition group for the Merrie Monarch and conducting cultural exchange to be the most meaningful to her. Tiana has taught dance & drum workshops as well as judged dance competitions in Tahiti, Japan, Okinawa, Australia, Hawaiʻi, France, Spain, Mexico and all across the states. Tiana is our fierce but humble director that values cultural concept & protocol when approaching dance. 

photo: Josh Tatofi


Riki’s eldest son, Mevina, was passed the torch & blessing in 1998-2009 and led the group after extensive training and research undergone in Tahiti. Mevina is a pioneer in innovating Tahitian music, dance and choreography. Mevina currently lives in Tokyo, Japan and has a Tahitian dance group “Tavake Rereata”!



Gramʻs eldest granddaughter, Tiani, currently leads "Nonosina Hawaiʻi" with her husband Jon Mariteragi. Tiani was a lead dancer for Nonosina and her journey led her to Oʻahu (Lāʻie) where Jon is from, Jon comes from a long line of Tahitian cultural experts, musicians and dancers so it was meant to be when Gram asked them to carry the Nonosina name for a group of their own.